Sunday, March 28, 2010

FINAL SCORE: Maccabi Haifa beats Ramat Gan 92-76! Davon Jefferson had 29pts, Jason Rich 14pts, Roby 10pts. MHaifa shot 59%FG & R.Gan 56%FG
SCORE UPDATE: 76-70 Maccabi Haifa is still in the lead but anything could happen.5 minutes left in the 4th quarter!Watch
8 minutes left in 4th quarter & the game has become very close after a fast start. Maccabi Haifa is up by 5pts 72-67!
WOW! Ally-oop from Hagag to Jason Rich. Maccabi Haifa up 60-45 against Ramat Gan. 7:30 Min left in 3rd quarter. Watch at
HALFTIME:Score 54-43 Maccabi Haifa up by 11pts.Jefferson 18pts,Roby 10pts.Brandon Ewing 10pts 4 Ramat Gan. Keep Watching
Kenyon Martin's brother Richard Roby just had an incredible dunk off a fast break putting MHaifa up by 8pts w/ 2min left
Score Update: 3 min left in the 2nd quarter & Maccabi Haifa still leads 43-38.Brandon Ewing has 9pts,Davon Jefferson 18
After the 1st quarter Maccabi Haifa leads 32-24 as we start the second quarter. Davon Jefferson has 14pts already!! Watch
Tune into to Watch Maccabi Haifa VS Ramat Gan.Davon Jefferson already in double figures w 4min left in 1stqrt. 25-11

Friday, March 26, 2010

Maccabi Haifa will try &rebound from a loss as we play Ramat Gan Sunday,March 28th@ 12:35pmET. You can Watch Live@ !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breaking News; Maccabi Haifa will Play the New Jersey Nets in their 1st NBA Exhibition Game next season on October 3, 2010!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FINAL SCORE:Nahariya upsets Maccabi Haifa 77-73. MHaifa shot 47%FG & Nahariya 44%.Davon J. 22pts 9reb,Rich 11pt as Haifa falls to 4th place!

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 point game and Maccabi Haifa is down with 1:22 min left in the 4th quarter. Come watch this exciting finish @ !!!
Nahariya lead down to 5pts 68-63 as Jason Rich and Co. have given Maccabi Haifa a chance with 6min left in 4th Qrter!
MHaifa down by 3pts,60-57 with 2 mins left in the 3rd quarter.We gained momentum & Jesse Pellot-Rosa is on FIRE from 3!!
Jason Rich first points come off a breakaway dunk! score:46-37 Nahariya is ahead.Maccabi Haifa needs support from Dfense
Halftime Score:Maccabi Haifa closed the gap to 9pts but are still down 44-35.MHaifa only shooting 38%FG. Davon J. 11pts
With 8 mins to go in the 2nd Qrter,Maccabi Haifa down by 13pts 31-18. But Davon Jefferson Just Tomahawk slammed dunked..
1st Qrter: 4:45 mins left & Maccabi Haifa is down 14-7 against Nahariya. MHaifa & their former NCAA stars came out slow!
GAME STARTS NOW!See International Basketball Live Online Free&Watch Maccabi Haifa take on Nahariya.See future NBA stars@

Friday, March 19, 2010

NewsBreak;MACCABI HAIFA Center Jeremy Tyler left the team due to personal matters.Tyler chose to leave on his own will.We wish him the best

Monday, March 15, 2010

FINAL SCORE: Mac.Haifa takes 2nd place beating Netanya 89-75!Haifa shot 55FG% &NTY shot only 40FG%.Pellot-Rosa 22pts,Jefferson 19,J.Rich 18

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jesse Pellot-Rosa just tied the Season record with 6 Three point shots made. Maccabi Haifa leads by 7,79-72 3mins left
A fight almost broke out between Ido Kozikaro and Netanya player after a hard foul. Very intense game.MHaifa leads by 6
Jesse Pellot-Rosa just hit his 5th three pointer for Haifa & now has a career high 17pts with 7mins to go in 4th. 71-59!
Maccabi Haifa Guard JASON RICH Just Dunked all over Netanya's defense. MHaifa leads 64-50 as we start the 4th qrterWatch
Maccabi Haifa forward Jesse Pellot-Rosa is on fire from 3pt range just made a deep 3 to put Haifa up by 9pts 49-40!!
7 mins left in the 3rd qrter& Maccabi Haifa has taken its largest lead 44-36.Davon Jefferson playing better 14pts so far
AT HALFTIME: SCORE 40-33.Maccabi Haifa leads by 7pts.Haifa scored 20pts in the last 5:30 mins of 2nd qrter.Keep Watching
Former NBA center Mamadou N'diaye just entered the game for Maccabi haifa with 7 mins to go in the second 22-17 Netanya
After the 1st Qrter the Score is 18-17 Netanya leads Haifa by 1 as Maccabi Haifa look 2 come out stronger in the 2nd qrt
2 minutes left in the 1st qrter and Maccabi Haifa is down by 1 pt, 13-12 against Netanya. Haifa must stop Marco Killingsworth in order 2 win

Monday, March 8, 2010

FINAL SCORE:Maccabi Haifa beats Hasharon 82-65! MHaifa shot 50%FG & Hasharon 38%FG. Jason Rich 18pts & R. Roby 17pts took over the game
Jason Rich has an incredible Dwayne Wade-esque behind the back layup!!!
Score Update: 66-55 Maccabi Haifa leads by 11pts with 5:31 min left in 4th quarter.See if Haifa can Maintain the lead
Maccabi Haifa comes back strong with tremendous play by Davon J., Roby, & FSU star Jason Rich putting Haifa ahead 49-38!
MACCCABI HAIFA FANS, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. WATCH this close game @ & see if Haifa can pull out a win....Right NOW!!
HALFTIME SCORE: 36-35 Maccabi Haifa down by 1pt.Richard Roby putting Haifa on its back with 12pts. MUST WATCH 2nd Half @
Maccabi Haifa cuts the lead down to 6. 30-24 Hasharon still in the lead but not for long.TUNE IN @ 6 mins left in 2qrter
Score Update:23-17 Hasharon leads Maccabi Haifa after 1st quarter.Davon Jefferson 6pts for Haifa & Clancy 7pt for Hash.
5 minute left in the 1st qrter and the SCORE; 11-8 Maccabi Haifa down by 3pts. Hasharon is outplaying Haifa early on..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Watch Maccabi Haifa VS Hasharon Live Exciting International Basketball 4 free@ Mon. March 8th@ 1pmET! Come join us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maccabi Haifa's charity program gives back to the Community in Israel and in the U.S.