Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Wins beating Netanya 84-70!Haifa shooting 53%fld &Netanya only 39%fld.Jefferson 20pts,Rich 14,Hagag 12pts 8ast,Tyler5pts 4Rbs
Davon Jefferson former USC standout is taking over the game for Maccabi Haifa with a 17 pt lead. 78-61 with 2 minutes left in the 4th qrter
Score 71-59 Haifa. Can Maccabi Haifa finish strong w/ 5 min left in the 4th quarter.Come watch the closing minuntes@
4th qrter with 7:45 left and the scoring lead for Haifa has decreased with only a ten point lead. 66-56. Netanya has momentum.
At the end of the 3rd qrt; Maccabi Haifa up by 11 with score 65-54 and Jefferson leading with 22pts!Watch the 4th
Amazing play by Maccabi Haifa as they are rolling past Netanya w/ the score 64-47 in 3rdqrt! Jefferson, Rich, &Tyler are putting on a show.
4 fouls on both centers 4 MaccabiHaifa on Ben Strong& Kozikaro so Jeremy Tyler will enter the game again!!Must watch
Maccabi Haifa widening the gap leading by 17. 54-37 7 minutes left in 3rd quarter.
Halftime Update: 36-24 Maccabi Haifa leads. Davon Jefferson has 10pts 6rbs, Jesse pellot-Rosa 7pts, Jason Rich 7pts. Jeremy Tyler 4pts 3rbs!
30 seconds left in 2nd quarter and Jeremy Tyler is starting to show his dominance with another monster slam dunk. score is 44-33maccabihaifa
JEREMY TYLER JUST SCORED HIS FIRST SHOT WITH AN ALLY-OOP SLAM DUNK! Maccabi Haifa up by nine 33-24 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd qrt.
Maccabi Haifa is heating up and starting to break away with the lead 28-21. Jesse Pellot-Rosa has taken over in the 2nd qrt
SCORE UPDATE: After 1st quarter the game is tied 18-18. If you want the rest of the game live you can go to
Score Update; 1 minute 30sec left in 1st qrt and Maccabi Haifa is down by 1pt. 15-14 Netanya leads in a low scoring affair.
1st quarter with 5 minutes left & the score 11-6 Maccabi Haifa trails Netanya. both teams struggling from the field.

Monday, November 23, 2009

FINAL SCORE:77-67 MACCABI HAIFA WINS two in a row!Rich 25pts,Jefferson 19pts 10rbs,Hagag 12pts 6ast,Amit Ben David 7pts,Ben Strong 7pts 9rbs
1:30 min left in 4th and Maccabi Haifa is up by 10pts 75-65!!!!! and former Florida State standout shuts down Hasharon with 24pts.
6 minutes left in 4th qrt and the game is tied 63-63! LETS GO HAIFA!!!
Entering the 4th quarter; Score 58-56 Hasharon has its first lead of the game and the momentum is on their side.
In the 3rd quarter,2min left the intensity increases as the score tightens 55-50 Maccabi Haifa up by 5. Jason Rich has 19pts,6rbs & 3asst.
At the Half; Jason Rich leads Maccabi Haifa with 15pts, Jefferson 11pts, Hagag 7pts, Ben Strong 4pts but 3fouls, & Jesse Pellot-Rosa 4pts.
Score Update;After 1st Half, Maccabi Haifa leads Hasharon 44-35.Haifa shooting 50%fldgoal and 56% from 3pt range while Hasharon only 41%fldG
Jeremy Tyler has no points with 20 seconds to go in the 1st half but he's showing much improvement opening lanes for our guards to score.
2nd quarter; 3 minutes left, Maccabi Haifa is leading 36-31!!!! Who will come out the victor? Stay tuned
Jeremy Tyler Has just entered the game!! Must watch to see Highschool Phenom and Future 2011 NBA draftee in action!
"Score Update":Maccabi Haifa leads w/ an entertaining high scoring 1st qrt 26-23!tune in to watch exciting play @
Former Florida State guard and Maccabi Haifa player Jason Rich putting on a show late in the 1st quarter.Close game 20-19 w/ 3minutes left.
Gametime! Maccabi Haifa vs Hasharon at . 5 minutes left in 1st qrt. Score; 16-13 Hasharon is leading.Tyler will play

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. BNEI HASHARON Game this Monday, Nov. 23rd @ 2:00pmET on Live! Who will be watching?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you missed Our First Show of "INSIDE ISRAELI BASKETBALL"on Comcast versus,YES or Sun Net.It can now be seen online@

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Wins!! 72-65 beating Hapoel Holon and improving to a 2-2 record. Ben Strong 16pts 9rbs, Roby 15pts,& Kozikaro 13pts 10+rbs!!!
64-59 with aminute left in 4th
Exciting finish in the 4th quarter with Maccabi Haifa up by five points with a minute&1/2 to go. Ben Strong looks to put away Holon.Will he?
"SCORE UPDATE"; 5 min. to go in 4th qrter, 4 point lead for Haifa 59-55. Maccabi struggling on defense and will need to hold on.
Going into the 4th qrter Maccabi haifa has a 16 pt lead 59-43 while outscoring holon 30 to 9 in the 3rd quarter. Dror Hagag has 12 assists.
2min in 3rd quarter and richard roby makes a 3pter to get haifa to its biggest lead of the game. 52-39 Haifa is dominating!!
7min to go in 3rd quarter and maccabi haifa playing well without Jason Rich due to inujred ankle w/ an 11-0 run taking the lead back 40-34!!
"Score Update": At Halftime; 34-29 Holon. Davon Jefferson only 4pts. Ben Strong 7pts. Maccabi Haifa & Holon shooting only 41fld goal%.
"Score Update": 3 min left in 2 quarter; 29-25 Holon leads for first time in the game.
Davon Jefferson picks up his 3rd foul &is taken out once again.Close game 23-21 haifa up by 2. Dwayne Mitchell w/ the dunk 2 reduce lead!
AMAZING DUNKS in this game for Maccabi Haifa! Wow. if your not watching your missing out. Start of 2nd quarter; 22-17 Haifa.
After the 1st quarter the score is 16-13 Maccabi Haifa.After all the action in the first Haifa only has a 3 pts lead.Davon Jefferson 2fouls!
3 minutes left in 1st quarter; Maccabi Haifa is playing strong only allowing 5 points while Haifa is on a run with 14pts.
Exciting Game so far. in the first quarter. With 5 minutes left, Maccabi Haifa leads Holon 8-2 with a bunch of amazing dunks from Davon Jefferson!
Its Game time Baby! Tune into NOW!!! MACCABI HAIFA

Friday, November 13, 2009

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gilboa Galil breaks the 100's. 101-66 for Galil Gilboa. Maccabi Haifa's toughest lost of the last 2 seasons.
Ido Kozikaro - the only bright spot from Maccabi Haifa. He scored 14 pts, and got 10 rebounds. Gilboa Galil leads at the end of the game 85-56
Haifa can't get their game together, and Galil is getting a huge win by over 30 points.
Galil Gilboa started the 3rd quarter on fire, and expanded the lead to 22 points. 8 min left and Haifa does not seem to wake up!!!!
Ido Kozikaro stepped up and scored 12 points to keep Haifa in the game. Jefferson is slowly becoming Haifa's MVP
Haifa is trying to hit 3 pointers to cut the deficit, but Galil maintains a double digit lead.
Haifa 30 - Galil 44 at the end of the half.
When it seemed like Haifa was getting closer =, Galil scores 2 consecutive 3 pointers and a fastbreak easy lay up, to keep the difference.
Haifa 23 - Galil 37
Haifa struggles to score but slowly is getting in the game. Kozikaro with 8 points, and Rich with 4 points are Maccabi Haifa's top scorers.
Galil 23 - Maccabi Haifa 12 at the end of the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa trying to find some offense. Galil leads by 15 points at the end of the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa struggling from the floor. 2/7 FGs. Maccabi Haifa 4 - Galil 11.
5 min left in the 1st quarter
Maccabi Haifa fans Game starts in 10 minutes on

Monday, November 2, 2009

Maccabi Haifa wins the game!
Final Score = Maccabi Haifa 84 - Rishon Letzion 75
Haifa 1st (26), 2nd (14), 3rd(22), 4th(22)
Rishon 1st (22), 2nd (17), 3rd(15), 4th(21)
Jason Rich, one of the best players of the Haifa team has scored 14 pts and 7 assists.
Davon misses the FT to make the play a 3 point play, but Haiffa lead the game by 8 pts with 2 min left in the game
Tapiro makes an imposble lay up, and Jason Rich answers with a very good move for the Maccabi Haifa
Jefferson is called for traveling, and that is his 3 TO.
Haifa 70 - Rishon 62.
5:30 min left in the last qtr
Benchimol gets through the whole defense and makes an easy lay up to score his 10th point of the game...
Too many mistakes from both teams!
Let's see which team gets their game together first.
D. Hagag (Haifa) - 3 PTs - 5 Assts - 2 Rbs - 3 TO
M. Tapiro (Rishon)- 3 PTs - 7 Assts - 2 Rbs - 1 TO
Haifa 60 - 39% 7/18 - 3 PTS
Rishon 54 - 31% 4/13 - 3 PTS
Davon Jefferson commits his 3rd foul!! He has 12 pts
Rishon Letzion faces Maccabi Tel Aviv next week. Jesse Pellot Rosa comes in for Maccabi Haifa
5:29 min left in the 3rd qtr.
Haifa 53 - Rishon 44
Moshe scores another 3 pointer!!!
9 Points - 3/3 from 3 point line!!!!
Check out Maccabi Haifa's 2nd game of the season vs Rishon Letzion at:
Don't miss the greens!!!!
Mosheeee Mizrahii!!!!! scores a 3 PT!!!
Haifa 50- Rishon 44 6:45 min left in the 3rd qtr.
First Half is over. Score: 38-37 Maccabi Haifa. Jefferson has 8pts, Rich 8pts, Pellot-Rosa 7pts. Maccabi Haifa shooting 52% Fld goal range.
Maccabi Haifa fans are holding up signs that say "WE BELIEVE IN YOU TYLER"
Jeremy Tyler gets his first appearance in the game!! Must tune in now
Its Game Time!! Tune in to watch Maccabi Haifa at Right now to see Jeremy Tyler showcase his NBA talent!
Its Game Time!!! Tune in to watch Maccabi Haifa Game at right now! Phenom JeremyTyler will showcase his NBA talent
Come watch Jeremy Tyler & Maccabi Haifa take on Rishon Lezion in 2nd Game, 2day November 2nd @ 2:00pmET on!!Must See