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If you have missed our new show "Inside Israeli Basketball - Episode 2" you can now watch it at or on!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maccabi Haifa defeats Hapoel Afula 81-57. You can watch all of Maccabi Haifa's games free at
At the end of the 3rd quarter Maccabi Haifa leads Hapoel Afula 64-37. Watch the 4th quarter LIVE at
Maccabi Haifa leads Hapoel Afula 41-28 at halftime. Watch the second half LIVE at
At the end of the first quarter Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Afula are tied at 19-19. Watch the rest of the game LIVE at
Maccabi Haifa @ Hapoel Afula. Watch it LIVE at

Friday, December 18, 2009

MACCABI HAIFA vs AFULA - Watch Live Saturday, Dec. 19 @ 1:15pmET on - Will AFULA stop Haifa's 5 game win streak??
Come Watch the MACCABI HAIFA vs. AFULA Game this Saturday, Dec. 19 @1:15pmET on Live! Will they make AFULA us?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Fans! Watch episode 2 of Inside Israeli Basketball at 4:00 pm EST on YES Network.
Maccabi Haifa wins their 5th straight game, defeating Ramat Gan 80-69. You can watch all of Maccabi Haifa's games live and on-demand at
Maccabi Haifa leads Ironi Ramat Gan 62-50 at the end of 3 quarters. Watch the 4th LIVE at
With 6:40 in the 3rd quarter Maccabi Haifa leads Ironi Ramat-Gan 58-38. Watch it LIVE at
Maccabi Haifa leads Ramat Gan 51-34 at the half. Watch the second half LIVE at
Maccabi Haifa leads Ironi Ramat-Gan 39-25 with 6 minutes left. Watch it live at
Haifa Alert: Haifa thinking offense! At the end of the first quarter Haifa leads 30-20. Watch the game at
17-10 Maccabi Haifa leads Ironi Ramat-Gan with 4:50 left in the first. Watch live at
Watch Davon Jefferson and the rest of Maccabi Haifa take on Ramat Gan on LIVE at 12:40 pm.

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Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. RAMAT GAN Game this Sunday, Dec. 13 @12:45pmET on Live!Who will be watching?Let us Know

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European Rankings came out this week & Maccabi Haifa Ranked 36th Among the Elite 100 in Europe...Read more
European Rankings came out this week & Maccabi Haifa Ranked 36th Among the Elite 100 in Europe...Read more

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maccabi Haifa wins in Overtime beating Nahariya 83-75 &outscoring them in OT 15-7.Jefferson 25pts,Roby 15pts 4stl. Haifa improves to 5-2!!
Score Update; 79-75 Maccabi Haifa leads by 4 with 58 seconds to go in Overtime. Watch the final seconds @ !!!
3:16 left in Overtime and Maccabi Haifa leads 73-70. Haifa's center has fouled out.
OVERTIME! Maccabi Haifa could not convert on the last second shot. You Must watch @ to see this incredible finish!!!
Unbelievable! Nahariya ties the game 68-68 with 4 seconds remaining. Maccabi Haifa has a chance to win the game with the last shot.
Score Update; 68-66 Maccabi Haifa up by 2pts with 29 seconds left in the game. Its an exciting finish once again!
2:30 left in the 4th quarter and Maccabi Haifa is in the lead with the score 67-59!!! Haifa is on a 19-6 run. Richard Roby with 15pts
For the First time since early in the 1st half Maccabi Haifa takes the lead 56-55 5 minutes left. Richard Roby & Davon Jefferson Taking over
Score Update: Maccabi Haifa still down but has closed the lead 54-53 for Nahariya. Jefferson has 4 fouls and 17pts.
8 Minutes to go in the 4th.This is a battle coming down the stretch.Who will manage to escape with the win?Watch Now
Score Update: At the end of the 3rd qrt. 50-45 Maccabi Haifa down by 5 going into the 4th. Could come down to the last minute.
50 seconds left in the 3rd quarter and Maccabi Haifa is playing sloppy with many turnovers & heading towards its worst offensive performance
Score Update: 3rd qrter 7 minutes left and Nahariya has its biggest lead of the game 44-34. Maccabi Haifa not playing well.
At Halftime the Score is 36-30 Nahariya leading Maccabi Haifa in a low scoring game. Shawn Taggart leading scorer with 15pts for Nahariya.
At Halftime the Score is 36-30 Nahariya leading Maccabi Haifa in a low scoring game. Shawn Taggart leading scorer with 12pts for Nahariya.
6:15 to go in the 2nd quarter and its a very close game. Nahariya is in the lead 22-21.
After the First Quarter Maccabi Haifa leads by 1pt. Score 14-13. Tune into to watch the rest of the game at !!!!
1 minute to go in 1st qrter and the score is tied 11-11. Strong defensive play on both sides. Both teams are shooting 30% from the field.
Slow start in 1st Qrt with 6 minutes remaining. Score 7-5 Nahariya . Maccabi Haifa has 4 turnovers already.
Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. NAHARIYA Game Today,Dec. 6th @ 12:40pmET on Live!Can Haifa extend its win streak to 4?

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Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. NAHARIYA Game Sunday,Nov.29th @ 12:40pmET on Live!Can Haifa extend its win streak to 4?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Wins beating Netanya 84-70!Haifa shooting 53%fld &Netanya only 39%fld.Jefferson 20pts,Rich 14,Hagag 12pts 8ast,Tyler5pts 4Rbs
Davon Jefferson former USC standout is taking over the game for Maccabi Haifa with a 17 pt lead. 78-61 with 2 minutes left in the 4th qrter
Score 71-59 Haifa. Can Maccabi Haifa finish strong w/ 5 min left in the 4th quarter.Come watch the closing minuntes@
4th qrter with 7:45 left and the scoring lead for Haifa has decreased with only a ten point lead. 66-56. Netanya has momentum.
At the end of the 3rd qrt; Maccabi Haifa up by 11 with score 65-54 and Jefferson leading with 22pts!Watch the 4th
Amazing play by Maccabi Haifa as they are rolling past Netanya w/ the score 64-47 in 3rdqrt! Jefferson, Rich, &Tyler are putting on a show.
4 fouls on both centers 4 MaccabiHaifa on Ben Strong& Kozikaro so Jeremy Tyler will enter the game again!!Must watch
Maccabi Haifa widening the gap leading by 17. 54-37 7 minutes left in 3rd quarter.
Halftime Update: 36-24 Maccabi Haifa leads. Davon Jefferson has 10pts 6rbs, Jesse pellot-Rosa 7pts, Jason Rich 7pts. Jeremy Tyler 4pts 3rbs!
30 seconds left in 2nd quarter and Jeremy Tyler is starting to show his dominance with another monster slam dunk. score is 44-33maccabihaifa
JEREMY TYLER JUST SCORED HIS FIRST SHOT WITH AN ALLY-OOP SLAM DUNK! Maccabi Haifa up by nine 33-24 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd qrt.
Maccabi Haifa is heating up and starting to break away with the lead 28-21. Jesse Pellot-Rosa has taken over in the 2nd qrt
SCORE UPDATE: After 1st quarter the game is tied 18-18. If you want the rest of the game live you can go to
Score Update; 1 minute 30sec left in 1st qrt and Maccabi Haifa is down by 1pt. 15-14 Netanya leads in a low scoring affair.
1st quarter with 5 minutes left & the score 11-6 Maccabi Haifa trails Netanya. both teams struggling from the field.

Monday, November 23, 2009

FINAL SCORE:77-67 MACCABI HAIFA WINS two in a row!Rich 25pts,Jefferson 19pts 10rbs,Hagag 12pts 6ast,Amit Ben David 7pts,Ben Strong 7pts 9rbs
1:30 min left in 4th and Maccabi Haifa is up by 10pts 75-65!!!!! and former Florida State standout shuts down Hasharon with 24pts.
6 minutes left in 4th qrt and the game is tied 63-63! LETS GO HAIFA!!!
Entering the 4th quarter; Score 58-56 Hasharon has its first lead of the game and the momentum is on their side.
In the 3rd quarter,2min left the intensity increases as the score tightens 55-50 Maccabi Haifa up by 5. Jason Rich has 19pts,6rbs & 3asst.
At the Half; Jason Rich leads Maccabi Haifa with 15pts, Jefferson 11pts, Hagag 7pts, Ben Strong 4pts but 3fouls, & Jesse Pellot-Rosa 4pts.
Score Update;After 1st Half, Maccabi Haifa leads Hasharon 44-35.Haifa shooting 50%fldgoal and 56% from 3pt range while Hasharon only 41%fldG
Jeremy Tyler has no points with 20 seconds to go in the 1st half but he's showing much improvement opening lanes for our guards to score.
2nd quarter; 3 minutes left, Maccabi Haifa is leading 36-31!!!! Who will come out the victor? Stay tuned
Jeremy Tyler Has just entered the game!! Must watch to see Highschool Phenom and Future 2011 NBA draftee in action!
"Score Update":Maccabi Haifa leads w/ an entertaining high scoring 1st qrt 26-23!tune in to watch exciting play @
Former Florida State guard and Maccabi Haifa player Jason Rich putting on a show late in the 1st quarter.Close game 20-19 w/ 3minutes left.
Gametime! Maccabi Haifa vs Hasharon at . 5 minutes left in 1st qrt. Score; 16-13 Hasharon is leading.Tyler will play

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Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. BNEI HASHARON Game this Monday, Nov. 23rd @ 2:00pmET on Live! Who will be watching?

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If you missed Our First Show of "INSIDE ISRAELI BASKETBALL"on Comcast versus,YES or Sun Net.It can now be seen online@

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Wins!! 72-65 beating Hapoel Holon and improving to a 2-2 record. Ben Strong 16pts 9rbs, Roby 15pts,& Kozikaro 13pts 10+rbs!!!
64-59 with aminute left in 4th
Exciting finish in the 4th quarter with Maccabi Haifa up by five points with a minute&1/2 to go. Ben Strong looks to put away Holon.Will he?
"SCORE UPDATE"; 5 min. to go in 4th qrter, 4 point lead for Haifa 59-55. Maccabi struggling on defense and will need to hold on.
Going into the 4th qrter Maccabi haifa has a 16 pt lead 59-43 while outscoring holon 30 to 9 in the 3rd quarter. Dror Hagag has 12 assists.
2min in 3rd quarter and richard roby makes a 3pter to get haifa to its biggest lead of the game. 52-39 Haifa is dominating!!
7min to go in 3rd quarter and maccabi haifa playing well without Jason Rich due to inujred ankle w/ an 11-0 run taking the lead back 40-34!!
"Score Update": At Halftime; 34-29 Holon. Davon Jefferson only 4pts. Ben Strong 7pts. Maccabi Haifa & Holon shooting only 41fld goal%.
"Score Update": 3 min left in 2 quarter; 29-25 Holon leads for first time in the game.
Davon Jefferson picks up his 3rd foul &is taken out once again.Close game 23-21 haifa up by 2. Dwayne Mitchell w/ the dunk 2 reduce lead!
AMAZING DUNKS in this game for Maccabi Haifa! Wow. if your not watching your missing out. Start of 2nd quarter; 22-17 Haifa.
After the 1st quarter the score is 16-13 Maccabi Haifa.After all the action in the first Haifa only has a 3 pts lead.Davon Jefferson 2fouls!
3 minutes left in 1st quarter; Maccabi Haifa is playing strong only allowing 5 points while Haifa is on a run with 14pts.
Exciting Game so far. in the first quarter. With 5 minutes left, Maccabi Haifa leads Holon 8-2 with a bunch of amazing dunks from Davon Jefferson!
Its Game time Baby! Tune into NOW!!! MACCABI HAIFA

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Hey Fans": Come Watch MACCABI HAIFA vs. HAPOEL HOLON Game this Sunday, Nov. 15th @ 12:40pmET on Live!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gilboa Galil breaks the 100's. 101-66 for Galil Gilboa. Maccabi Haifa's toughest lost of the last 2 seasons.
Ido Kozikaro - the only bright spot from Maccabi Haifa. He scored 14 pts, and got 10 rebounds. Gilboa Galil leads at the end of the game 85-56
Haifa can't get their game together, and Galil is getting a huge win by over 30 points.
Galil Gilboa started the 3rd quarter on fire, and expanded the lead to 22 points. 8 min left and Haifa does not seem to wake up!!!!
Ido Kozikaro stepped up and scored 12 points to keep Haifa in the game. Jefferson is slowly becoming Haifa's MVP
Haifa is trying to hit 3 pointers to cut the deficit, but Galil maintains a double digit lead.
Haifa 30 - Galil 44 at the end of the half.
When it seemed like Haifa was getting closer =, Galil scores 2 consecutive 3 pointers and a fastbreak easy lay up, to keep the difference.
Haifa 23 - Galil 37
Haifa struggles to score but slowly is getting in the game. Kozikaro with 8 points, and Rich with 4 points are Maccabi Haifa's top scorers.
Galil 23 - Maccabi Haifa 12 at the end of the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa trying to find some offense. Galil leads by 15 points at the end of the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa struggling from the floor. 2/7 FGs. Maccabi Haifa 4 - Galil 11.
5 min left in the 1st quarter
Maccabi Haifa fans Game starts in 10 minutes on

Monday, November 2, 2009

Maccabi Haifa wins the game!
Final Score = Maccabi Haifa 84 - Rishon Letzion 75
Haifa 1st (26), 2nd (14), 3rd(22), 4th(22)
Rishon 1st (22), 2nd (17), 3rd(15), 4th(21)
Jason Rich, one of the best players of the Haifa team has scored 14 pts and 7 assists.
Davon misses the FT to make the play a 3 point play, but Haiffa lead the game by 8 pts with 2 min left in the game
Tapiro makes an imposble lay up, and Jason Rich answers with a very good move for the Maccabi Haifa
Jefferson is called for traveling, and that is his 3 TO.
Haifa 70 - Rishon 62.
5:30 min left in the last qtr
Benchimol gets through the whole defense and makes an easy lay up to score his 10th point of the game...
Too many mistakes from both teams!
Let's see which team gets their game together first.
D. Hagag (Haifa) - 3 PTs - 5 Assts - 2 Rbs - 3 TO
M. Tapiro (Rishon)- 3 PTs - 7 Assts - 2 Rbs - 1 TO
Haifa 60 - 39% 7/18 - 3 PTS
Rishon 54 - 31% 4/13 - 3 PTS
Davon Jefferson commits his 3rd foul!! He has 12 pts
Rishon Letzion faces Maccabi Tel Aviv next week. Jesse Pellot Rosa comes in for Maccabi Haifa
5:29 min left in the 3rd qtr.
Haifa 53 - Rishon 44
Moshe scores another 3 pointer!!!
9 Points - 3/3 from 3 point line!!!!
Check out Maccabi Haifa's 2nd game of the season vs Rishon Letzion at:
Don't miss the greens!!!!
Mosheeee Mizrahii!!!!! scores a 3 PT!!!
Haifa 50- Rishon 44 6:45 min left in the 3rd qtr.
First Half is over. Score: 38-37 Maccabi Haifa. Jefferson has 8pts, Rich 8pts, Pellot-Rosa 7pts. Maccabi Haifa shooting 52% Fld goal range.
Maccabi Haifa fans are holding up signs that say "WE BELIEVE IN YOU TYLER"
Jeremy Tyler gets his first appearance in the game!! Must tune in now
Its Game Time!! Tune in to watch Maccabi Haifa at Right now to see Jeremy Tyler showcase his NBA talent!
Its Game Time!!! Tune in to watch Maccabi Haifa Game at right now! Phenom JeremyTyler will showcase his NBA talent
Come watch Jeremy Tyler & Maccabi Haifa take on Rishon Lezion in 2nd Game, 2day November 2nd @ 2:00pmET on!!Must See

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maccabi Haifa loses against Tel Aviv 76-68. Jason Rich 16pts, Davon Jefferson 19pts and Jesse Pelot-Rosa with 9pts. Doron Perkins had only11
Davon Jefferson has 19pts and Jeremy Tyler only has 1pts as Haifa trails with 2 minutes to go
3 minutes left and Maccabi Haifa is down by 9pts
Its becoming an old fashioned grudge match. The intensity is heating up with a 6 point game with 6:43 to go in the 4th Quarter
After the 3rd quarter. The score 59-55. Maccabi Tel Aviv is leading Maccabi Haifa. Its not over yet as Haifa has taken the momentum.
Haifa cutting down the deficit by 5 points. Very Exciting. stay tuned
6:28 left in 3rd Quarter and the score is 52-40 Maccabi Haifa down by 12pts
Doron Perkins has five points against his former Maccabi Haifa team at the half. Tune in on to see a second half comeback!
At Halftime: Maccabi Tel Aviv leads 45-34. Maccabi Haifa is shooting under 40% and needs to pick it up if they want to comeback which we are capable of doing.
4 min left in second quarter. 34-26 Maccabi Tel Aviv leads
After the first quarter Maccabi Haifa trails by 9 points. 29-20 maccabi tel aviv with the lead.
Sold out crowd at Romema arena in Haifa. DAvon Jefferson already with double digit points with 10pts
5 minutes left in first quarter. Maccabi Haifa down by 2 points. 13-11 maccabi tel aviv with the lead.
Jeremy Tyler hasn't scored yet but former FSU guard Jason Rich is putting up most of the points so far. Jefferson just had a breakaway dunk!!
Tune into this close matchup @ to see Maccabi Haifa game right now. score 9-4 in first quarter
Maccabi Haifa just tipped off their first game against Tel Aviv. Haifa scored first with two points from Jefferson.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Showdown Sunday!! Maccabi Haifa vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv play in 1st season game October 25th @ 1:50pmET live free on!
Showdown Sunday!! Maccabi Haifa vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv play in 1st season game October 25th @ 7:50pmET live free on!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"MUST WATCH!"This Sunday Will start the season opener in The Israeli Premier League;Maccabi Haifa will play Maccabi Tel Aviv October 25th!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Maccabi Haifa came from behind to beat Nahariya 77-73 to extend its win streak to 4-0. To see more click link

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jeremy Tyler - a new face for the team

Tyler is one of the many acquisitions that will help us shape the team. We are coming from a great season where we played both the Cup and the League finals against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Sign Prep Star Jeremy Tyler

Maccabi Haifa has announced that they have signed prep star Jeremy Tyler to a 1-year deal valued at approximately $140,000. Tyler averaged 28.7 points a game at San Diego High School in San Diego, California. He led his team to a 15-12 record and was considered by many scouts to be one of the top players in his class. He joins former USC star forward, Davon Jefferson, and former Florida State guard Jason Rich as the top signings over the offseason.
Great NY Times article on Jeremy Tyler:
Another interesting article on the Jeremy Tyler signing:
Maccabi Haifa sign Jeremy Tyler!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maccabi Haifa signs high-school phenom Jeremy Tyler:
Maccabi Haifa roster coming together, final spots to be filled in upcoming days. Looking forward to the 2009-2010 season!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Check out this cool new article at

Monday, August 10, 2009

Maccabi Haifa signs Jesse Pellot-Rosa out of the 2009 tryout. Read more at

Friday, August 7, 2009

Maccabi Haifa's Fresh New Look

As the end of the summer approaches the Maccabi Haifa roster is beginning to come into fruition. With the re-signing of star forward Davon Jefferson, a key to last year's success; Maccabi Haifa brings a great player back home. Also re-signed was Moshe Mizrahi, a starter on last year's squad and a great three-point shooter who also made the all-defensive team for the Israeli Premier League. A warm welcome back to Ben Strong and Todd Golden, both of whom move into the second and final year of their contracts. While Ben received limited game time off the bench, Golden played a pivotal role in Maccabi Haifa's run to the championship. Todd made numerous late game appearances and was a major asset coming off the bench. While numerous players returned the Maccabi Haifa community welcomes a new face, Jason Rich. Rich, previously played in Serie A of Italy while averaging nearly 10 points a game. While playing his college ball at Florida State University, Rich averaged almost 15 points a game and he hopes to bring these fantastic numbers to Haifa with him. So with 5 players announced, 7 roster spots remain open and with the start of camp in only 1 month, this should be quite an exciting couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maccabi Haifa re-signs Davon Jefferson! Read more at:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Maccabi Haifa's Offseason

As we enter the offseason, there is much to do to get ready for next season's run at the Israeli Premier League championship as well as the highly regarded Euro Cup. After last season's remarkable and unforgettable march towards greatness, there are much needed concerns entering this offseason, in particular the uncertainty of Haifa's roster. Doron Perkins, MVP of last year's season and perennial guard for the Heat is most likely not to return to the team. Due to his MVP performance last season(15.8ppg,5.3reb,3stl,5.6ast)his stock has risen to the point where he is being recruited by powerhouse organizations like Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv who can afford to pick him up.

Who will replace the leader and MVP for Maccabi Haifa? This should be our main goal this offseason. Finding a replacement that will be able to not only fill the gap Doron left behind but also take Haifa further than last seasons' mark. With Jefferson coming back who added to our late season push with 16.1 ppg, the only concerns the Heat should have would be at the center position and adding to our roster depth which became a major problem down the stretch.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Final score: 85 - 72 Maccabi Tel Aviv wins
Historic season for Maccabi Haifa
sales checks Carlos Arroyo hard to the floor. YES!!!
77-64 tel aviv Refs suck!!!!!!!!!!!
Perkins, MVP drives it to the hole to score a bucket! and fouled! big time play for big time player!
1st quarter over, maccabi haifa is up 19-16! Get ready for the heat!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

95-89 Haifa is upp, 40 seconds left in overtime
minute left 93-88 haifa up
82-82 33.8 seconds on the clock.. HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS!
54 seconds left, Haifa down by 2 at the line
6 minutes left on the clock. Haifa up by 3... it is all on the line!
STATS UPDATE: Jefferson with 16pnts, Porat with 13, and Perkins with 12

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From National to the Final

Israel Today Sports

Monday, May 11, 2009

Avi Segal

From National to the Final

Perkins swept Maccabi Haifa to a victory over Bnei Hasharon. The bonus: Final 4 at the comeback season. Holon & Gilboa \ Galil go to a 5th game. Maccabi Tel Aviv went up too.

One fight is left. It started close and stormy with 7 away wins in the 2 1st series, but in the end of the day only one series goes to 5th game. Galil or Holon will complete the quartet and all of a sudden everything is working out: the teams that finished in the 1st 3 spots are already there, the one who will come later will have to fight until the last moment.

Jerusalem got 12 days to prepare to the Final 4 and Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa got 9. The 4th runner up will have to settle for 5. Now the speculations will start to whom it's good and to whom it's bad.

After the 2nd game in Ashkelon we knew that Maccabi Tel Aviv will be there (97:65 yesterday) and even won't need 5 games. For Maccabi Haifa it was less expected and much bigger after an away win yesterday of 87:68. A great achievement because a team that only went up this season got over in the middle of the season an injury of a key player (Doron Perkins), got into a delay and home advantage loss in the 1st game and since did 3:1. It's nice to have money, an organized club and a name with American scent (Maccabi Haifa Heat), but it's needed to know to fulfill aspirations and that did yesterday Avi Ashkenazi.

The ultimate center. Haifa did it yesterday with the tools that brought it so far: defense, rhythm control, discipline and Doron Perkins. It's been a while since we remember such a good defense team. I already have the season player and it's Perkins – the player that effected the most on a team in our league this season, the player that knew how to combine personal ability and team achievements.

Form the National to the Final 4. It's the 2nd season now that we have of a team that went up from the national league to the final 4. Haifa , to whom that forgot, went up this season from the national league and leaving theoretical possibilities that the champion will come again straight as the new runner up.

Bnei Hasharon enjoys this season a lot for many easing circumstances – injuries, coaches change and more injuries, but the bottom line is that the team that made in the last 2 years Final 4 and Cup Final goes to sea already this morning, a lot less than the expectations.
the Haifa Heat is in the Final Four!!! Lets go Haifa!!!

Men at work

Maccabi Haifa suffers from the beginning of the season from lack of appreciation, caused by its medium offensiveness. The fact is that this is the only Israeli team that plays defense in European level – as far for the physicality and the coordination – doesn't give it enough credit
Date: 11/05/2009 | Publisher: Maccabi Heat Haifa - Official Site

Ma'ariv sports

Monday, May 11, 2009

by :Aviv Lavi

taken from : Ma'ariv

Long playoff series are the real basketball, because they separate the men from the boys. In fact, why insult the boys: when it's needed to meet every 3 days the same faces and elbows, when each game is important and more pressuring than its previous and at the same time the legs are heavier, it's becoming clear that got a spine. This is exactly the time when teams with sponge personality, as Bnei Hasharon and Ashkelon, go home, and good.

A moment before the playoff Bnei Hasharon still dreamt to all of a sudden connect and realize the tremendous talent it had on the paper, but the miracle didn't happen. All along the season Hasharon didn't make it to put together more than 10 straight minutes of worthy basketball, and there are things who's too late to begin in May.

Maccabi Haifa suffers from the beginning of the season from lack of appreciation, caused by its medium offensiveness. The fact is that this is the only Israeli team that plays defense in European level – as far for the physicality and the coordination – doesn't give it enough credit. Already in the beginning of the summer it was crowned as the next Holon, and in a very non typical way to the Israeli sports it knew how to take the pressure and the expectations, with Cup Final and Final 4. Haifa was one Tolbert's crazy basket far away from the cup without Doron Perkins, and knew to get out of a deep crisis in the 2nd round and from a delay of 1-0 VS Hasharon. Guy Gudes is the 1st one to admit. There's no favorite in the 1st half final.

Haifa and Gilboa winnings stood up yesterday a common white and blue denominator: an Israeli that besides critical points, contributed also a defense extermination of a key player: Moshe Mizrahi on Kuki Belcher, Gal Makel on Flores. In general, in the 2nd half of the season I'm trying to find weak spots at Makel, and nothing. Most of the Israeli players remind the joke about the cups – one can write and one can read; one can score and one can throw, one shoots 3's and one goes in excellent. Makel is from the rare kind that brings the entire package, including defense.

At the edges of the Final 4, in Natanya the going up a league was celebrated one year late. Natanya got all the details to become a significant factor in the premier league. If Haifa was the new Holon, from Natanya is the new Haifa. Who said that the Israeli basketball doesn't have continuance.

Maccabi Haifa Heat is in the Final Four

History in Green: the team from the Carmel beat Bnei HaSharon by 68:87 and rose to the status of the four big ones of Israeli Basketball for the first time.
Date: 04/05/2009 | Publisher: Maccabi Heat Haifa - Official Site

Maccabi Haifa is in the Final Four ; Galil and Holon are off to a Fifth Game

History in Green: the team from the Carmel beat Bnei HaSharon by 68:87 and rose to the status of the four big ones of Israeli Basketball for the first time.


Last updated: May 10, 2009

Maccabi Haifa is back – and it’s final.
The incredible comeback journey of the Greens to the top of the Israeli Basketball was completed tonight (Sunday), when they rose, for the first time, to the status of the four big ones of the Premiere League.
The team from the Carmel beat Bnei HaSharon outside with 68:87 and completed a 1:3

Maccabi Haifa celebrates victory on the Playoff Quarter Finals Series.
Next Tuesday, it will be

playing against HaPoel Jerusalem on the Final Four.

And what about HaPoel Holon and Gilboa/Galil?
These two just refuse separating.
This time it was Oded Katash and his protégés’ turn to win, not to mention with style – 55:77 in Gan Ner, comparing 2:2 on the series and coercing a fifth determining, hot and loaded game on Thursday in the Garbage Arena.

Bnei HaSharon – Maccabi Haifa 87:68 (3:1 in the series)

Bnei HaSharon worked well on defense and rose to 4:8 (3) and 8:13 (6), but Gur Porat balanced to 13:13 with a three-pointer, and the first quarter ended with a minimal 18:19 to the hosts.
The second quarter opened with a first lead for Haifa, who ran on 1:8 and raised to 20:26.
Ira Newble kept Bnei HaSharon in the picture and got them back to 33:32, reaching halftime with only 37:36.

Moshe Mizrahi managed to raise the score to a 40:46 to Haifa before Newble turned it over to a local 49:51.
Brooks Sales found perfect timing to cut a two months drought of no three-pointers, and the Greens end the third quarter with 52:54 to them.

Haifa’s dominance continued throughout the fourth quarter with the continuance of the excellent ability of Devon Jefferson and of Doron Perkins on the way to a double digit lead, 57:67.
When Jefferson set 61:73 even the quiet crowd of Metrowest accepted the fact that their team ended its season.
Haifa had a little fun on the way to a 68:87 win and to the first Final Four of its history.

HaSharon: Newble 19 (9 rebounds), Tapiro 12, Cisse and Belcher 11 each, James 8, Yitzhaki 3, Katz and Rice 2 each.

Scored for Maccabi Haifa: Jefferson 23 (8 rebounds), Sales 19, Perkins 17, Kozikaro and Mizrahi 8 each, Porat 5, Ben David 4.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Final 4 Time Baby!!! Maccabi Haifa Heat vs. Hapoel Jerusalem - May 19th. The world will be watching!!
Next game
Semifinal against Jerusalem!!!
Don't miss the Israeli playoffs at
40 sec left in the game,
Monster alley up off the backboard to Jefferson!!!!
Haifa wins 87-68!!
11 pts game for Haifa
77-66 Haifa lead
with 1:49 min left in the game
Again, Jefferson goes to the hoop, makes it and gets the hit. 11 pts lead (72-61 Haifa leads) and Jefferson has a FT
Sales is fouled and scores. Posibility for Haida Heat to reach the biggest lead in the game
6 min remaining in the game
The Haifa Heat manage to keep the winning difference by 6 points.
HH 63 - BNH 57
Jefferson stats
Mins 22
Pts 14
Ass 0
Reb 6
TO 3
for the Haifa Heat leader
Jefferson 4/8 FG 12 pts
the score leader for the Haifa Heat
59 - 52 Haifa leads in the beginning of the
4th qrt
End of the 3rd quarter
H Heat 54 - B Hasharon 42
close match that could end the series if the Haifa Heat wins today!
Benda misses his two FTs
HH 67 % - 10/15
BNH 82 % - 18/22
Tapiro (BNH) ties the game with a 3 pointer
2/3 from behind the arc for him
Score update
5 min left in the 3rd qrt
Haifa 46
BNH 45
Halftime score
Haifa Heat 37
Bnei hasharon 36
In a game that could send the Haifa team to the semifinal playoff games
Halftime BN Hasharon stats
FT 7/11 64%
FG 13/27 48%
3 Points 3/6 50%
Bench 6/30
Def Reb 9
Off Reb 7
Assists 7
TO 9
Halftime Haifa stats -
FT 11/12 92%
FG 12/31 39%
3 Points 2/9 22%
Bench 11/26
Def Reb 9
Off Reb 9
Assists 4
TO 7
Doron Perkins (HH)
6 pts - 3/3 FT
The Haifa Heat is getting their game together, and keeps a lead of 3 with a min left in the 2nd qrt.
HH 35 - BNH 32
Score Update
3:26 left in the 1st half
HH 31
BNH 28
Huge dunk from Jefferson!!! and Mizrahi helps with an important 3 pt shoot -
Score Update
HH 26 - BNH 22 with 6 min left in 2nd qrtr.
Jefferson stats update
6 Pts - 3 Reb - 1 TO
Jefferson throws a monster dunk off an offensive rebound!
Unsportmenship foul called to Beltcher. Perkins made both FTs, and gets the ball.
HH struggling to get in the zone, James with 3 blocks in a little over a qrtr
Jefferson drives the ball to the hoop and gives the first lead of the game to HH
9 min in the 2 qrtr
HH 20 - BNH 19
Kozikaro in for Sales in the start of the 2nd qrtr.
Dixon made both FTs and now 4 sec left in the qrt for BNH, but BNH misses the last shoot of the qtr
Perkins (HH) looking for the ball, but instead BNH fouls Malik Dixon and sends him to the line with 4.2 sec left in the quarter
22 sec left and BNH leads by 3
Close game, with both teams missing shoots.
HH 15 - BNH 15 with 1:20 min left in the 1st quarter
Gur Porat (HH) 1/1 3PTs - 100%
6 min left in the 1st -
Close game - BNH 8 - Haifa Heat 6
But both teams with low Pct
BNH - FGP 43 %
Haifa - FGP 29 %
James (BNH) stepping it up in the beginning of the game. 1 block, offensive rebounds and a monster dunk
Starting Lineups
Haifa Heat: Jefferson, Perkins, Ben David, Mizrahi, Sales
BNH: Beltcher, Tapiro, Katz, Newble and James
The game is about to start in no more than 5 min, so hurry and get set to watch a basketball battle!!
Hey everyone, tune in
watch the amazing 4th game of the playoff series between Maccabi Haifa and Bnei Hasharon !!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Next game, 4th game of the playoffs series, next Sunday at 12:40 ET USA, watch it live and FREE at
End of the game
Maccabi Haifa wins the second straight game in the playoffs series 74-61 over Bnei Hasharon
Too many mistakes at the end of the game by both teams!!! 3 min left in the game
5 min left in the game
Maccabi Haifa 12/12 FT 100%
Bnei Hasharon 11/22 FT 50%
Doron drives hard to the hoop and gets fouled. Perkins has 19 pts already
7 min left in the game. Bnei Hasharon is not giving up. Haifa still leads but only by 10 points.
Devon Jefferson, the star of Maccabi Haifa
10 Pts, 4 TOs, 4 Reb
Haifa has 16.4 TO in regular season, this game we already have 20 TOs. We have to lock in the win!!!
Bnei Hasharon grabbing too many REB. 17 off Reb. Mizrahi keeps Haifa lead with 4/5 3pts.
Haifa leads 59-52
1 min left in the 3rd
Haifa Heat 56% - 9/16 3 pts
Bnei Hasharon 40% - 6/15 3 pts
Tapiro (Bnei Hasharon) Turnsover the Ball and Jefferson (Haifa Heat) slams it for a 15 points lead. 56-41.
Amit Ben David (Maccabi Haifa)
7 Pts - FG: 2/2 100% - 3 Assists
5 min into the 3rd. Haifa leads 47-33. Mizrahi with 2 big 3 pointers!
7:04 3rd qua
Maccabi Haifa 17 TO
Bnei Hasharon 15 TO
Neither team can take afvantage of the other team's TOs.
The rest of the playoff games:
Holon leads by 16 on Galil, Jerusalem leads by 11 over Nahariya, Maccabi Tel Aviv v Ashkelon starts in a littl
Haifa leads 36-27
Maccabi Stats - FG: 14/29 - Reb: 19 - Assists 7
Bnei Hasharon - FG: 11/34 - Reb: 21 - Assists 3
End of the 2 quarter
(3) Maccabi Haifa
Perkins 12, Sales 8, Jefferson 6, Dixon 3, Golden 3.
(6) Bnei Hasharon
James 10, Beltcher 5, Sisse 5
5 straight points for Perkins in the last 8 sec. A three point and a steal for a lay up
Perkins did not score in the first quarter, and he has scores 12 points in the second period
Into the last minute of the half 31-27 to the Maccabi Haifa Heat
(Maccabi Haifa) Brook Sales 4/7 - 8 pts - 2 TO
Technical Foul for Meir Eretz for slapping Perkins (Haifa Heat) in the face !!! you have to watch this game!!
Perkins with 5 straight points
2nd straight posession Bnei Hasharon turns the ball over. Brook Sales finish the counterattack with a lay up.
5 min left in the 2 quarter
Maccabi Haifa 20
Bnei Hasharon 22
The Haifa Heat players seemed asleep... Come on Haifa Heat!!!!!!
We have to win this game!!!
Very low percentage game for both team
Maccabi Haifa 30%
Beni Hasharon 33%
In the beginning of the second quarter
End of the first quarter Maccabi Haifa 10 - Bnei Hasharon 12... 3rd game of the Playoff Series

right Now!!!
We started the game very focused to gain an advantage of 6-0 but at the end of the first quarter we are down 12-10
2:42 min left in the first quarter
(3) Maccabi Haifa 10 - (6) Bnei Hasharon 10
Too many mistakes at the beginning of the game. 4:42 min left in the firtst quarter Maccabi Haifa 8 - Bnei Hasharon 7
Hey everyone! tune in and watch the THIRD game of the Premier Israeli Basketball League between Maccabi Haifa and Bnei Hasharon for NOW for FREE

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local Hoops: Shooting woes doom Hasharon in Game 2

May 5, 2009 6:33 | Updated May 5, 2009 6:37

During the regular season, Bnei Hasharon's play against the Maccabi Haifa Heat resembled a professional shooting clinic.

The team from Ra'anana averaged 51 percent shooting from three-point range in both league games against the Heat. Although three-point shooting generally isn't considered to be one of Hasharon's strengths, it has been a key asset to coach Ariel Beit Halachmi's hopes in toppling Haifa in their first round playoff meeting.

Which is why after Game 1 of his team's series against Haifa (14-8), Halachmi realized Hasharon's shooting would have to get better in Game 2 if it wanted to beat the Heat a second time.

Hasharon (13-9) finished 7-for-26 (27%) from beyond the arc in a 69-66 victory over Haifa on April 26. It was the team's most three-point attempts, and its fewest made, against Maccabi this season.

On Sunday night, the long-range marksmanship was even worse for Hasharon, as it lost at home to the Heat, 75-71. The hosts started the game 0-for-6 from three-point range, and finished a dismal 3-16.

"With a team like Haifa and the way that both teams are playing defense, it's hard to get an open shot," Halachmi said following the Game 2 loss.

The last two minutes of the game were most indicative of the shooting struggles the team exhibited throughout the contest. Down just two points with a minute and 22 seconds remaining, point guard Meir Tapiro missed a shot from outside that would've given his team the lead.

Just a two possessions later, guards Erez Katz and Cookie Belcher missed back-to-back threes but were saved momentarily by two free-throws from center Shawn James.

The starters finished a combined 1-for-10 from beyond the arc. The only successful attempt came from big man James off a Haifa turnover to tie the game with just over four minutes to play.

After the game, Katz said he didn't see any tangible reasons as to why his team lost other than getting out-hustled at the end.

"Stat sheets are always good for the end of the game," Katz said referring to the victory in Game 1 despite having 21 missed free-throws.

"It's all about heart and execution."

Although poor free-throw form certainly did not do anything to lift the shooting problems in Game 1, it helped that Hasharon still finished with twice as many attempts at the foul line as Maccabi.

Haifa coach Avi Ashkenazi not only saw his team commit fewer fouls in Game 2, but the outside shooting improved from the opening loss as well. The Heat received a lot of help from guard Malik Dixon's newly-found touch and finished 6-for-17 from the perimeter.

During the first game of the best-of-five series, Maccabi finished 7-for-26, just like its opponents.

"Last game, we were the ones taking the bad shots and Sunday it was them, so this is the difference," Haifa forward Gur Porat said of Hasharon's shooting struggles.

The white-and-blue has a chance to redeem itself on Thursday when it travels up north to Haifa. A win would give it a 2-1 advantage and a chance to advance on its home court with another victory on Sunday.

Local hoops: Holon, Haifa both win on road to knot up series


Avg. rating 4.0 out of 5rated 4.0 by 1 person | Top Rated Articles [?]

Hapoel Holon and Maccabi Haifa claimed crucial road victories in Game 2 of the BSL quarterfinal playoffs on Sunday night, tying their series' at 1-1.

Holon beat Hapoel Galil/Gilboa 63-61 in Gan Ner thanks to Brian Tolbert's clutch three-pointer, while Haifa edged Bnei Hasharon 75-71 in a tense affair in Ra'anana.

Hapoel Jerusalem is now favored to be the first team to advance to the Final Four on Thursday after taking a 2-0 lead in its series against Ironi Nahariya on Sunday night.

Jerusalem defeated Nahariya 92-79 despite Ron Lewis scoring 39 points for the hosts.

On Monday, Maccabi Tel Aviv will look to rebound from its stunning Game 1 loss when its visits Ironi Ashkelon.

In Gan Ner, the teams combined for three of 19 from the field in the first five minutes and Yehu Orland's three-pointer gave Galil a 17-13 lead after a scrappy first quarter.

After only managing to score 26 points in the first half, it was no surprise Galil trailed by 12 at the break (38-26), but the hosts began to close the margin in the third quarter and were down by only four points with 10 minutes to play (50-46).

A Guni Izraeli three with 2:45 to play tied the score at 56-56, and the game was still deadlocked in the final minute.

However, with 31 seconds to play, Tolbert hit a superb three from the corner and Holon held on for the crucial win.

Tolbert scored 15 for Holon, with Uri Kukia adding 13 points and nine rebounds.

"Everybody knew this would be a tough series," Tolbert said. "I think we worried about Galil too much, and we lost track of ourselves. This series is not about home-court advantage. Home-court means nothing."

Brian Roberts was Galil's only player in double-figures, scoring 15 points.

In Ra'anana, Haifa got off to a quick start, opening a five-point margin (10-5) after four minutes.

However, the hosts would finish the first period stronger, with Meir Tapiro's basket giving the team a 22-18 lead after 10 minutes.

Haifa still trailed by just four points at the break (36-32), and Bnei Hasharon had the slightest of edges (54-53) going into the final 10 minutes of the encounter.

Haifa began the fourth period with an 8-2 run to open a five-point advantage, but Ori Itzhaki came up with two clutch three-pointers when his team needed them most and the hosts regained the lead.

Haifa went in front once more in the final minute (71-69) and after Erez Katz missed from the line the visitors clinched the win.

Davon Jefferson led Haifa with 21 points and 11 rebounds, with Perkins adding 17 points, 11 rebounds and five assists.

Ira Newble led Bnei Hasharon with 20 points and eight rebounds.

In Nahariya, a Ron Lewis three opened a 17-11 lead, but the score was tied at 23-23 at the end of the first period.

Jerusalem ran riot in the second quarter, racing to a 16-point margin (45-29) after Omar Sneed capped a 22-6 run.

Hapoel took a 54-40 lead into the break, but a 14-0 Nahariya run midway through the third period tied the score at 57-57.

Jerusalem would answer back immediately, however, ending the quarter with an 11-0 run, with Timmy Bowers's basket giving the team a 71-60 lead with 10 minutes to play.

Nahariya couldn't muster a serious comeback attempt in the final period and Hapoel cruised to within one victory of the Final Four.

Sneed scored 28 points and took nine rebounds for Jerusalem, with Sharon Sasson and Bowers adding 19 and 15 points respectively.

Also Sunday, Maccabi Rishon Lezion and Ironi Ramat Gan opened a 2-0 lead in the relegation playoffs to move to within one win of another season in the BSL.

Rishon defeated Givat Shmuel 81-67 at home behind Larry Obannon's 20 points.

Ramat Gan thrashed Ironi Kiryat Ata 96-79 on the road, with Adrian Henning and Carmelo Lee each scoring 19 for the winners.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maccabi Haifa wins!!! Bnei Hasharon missed 2 FTs at the end and Perkins caught the board, he was fouled and made the 2 FTs..
Final Score 75-71 Maccabi Haifa wins
12 seconds left in the game and the score is tied in 71...
Check out the final of the game
Maccabi 71 - Bnei Hasharon 69
with a 1:22 left in the game
6 min left in the game -
Score tied at 62
3er quarter Doron Perkins (Maccabi Haifa)
has a double double already
8 min left in 3er quarter 10 pts and 10 rebounds
End of the 3rd quarter Maccabi Haifa 53 - Bnei Hasharon 54

Check out the amazing 2nd game of the playoff series live NOW
Malik Dixon (Maccabi Haifa Heat) 9 pts - 3/8 3pts shoots - 37 Percent from behind the arc
Maccabi Haifa - Bnei Hasharon tied in the middle of 3 quarter at 46 points. Watch the game FREE and live now at
End of the first half
Maccabi Haifa 32 - Bnei Hasharon 36
Maccabi Haifa is 4/8 in FTs, we have to improve that !!
Haifa is struggling to keep the turnover down. we have 16/ game... This is our weakness!
End of the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa 18 - Bnei Hasharon 22
Meir Tapiro made a jump shoot in the last second of the quarter
3 min left in the first quarter
Maccabi Haifa 18 - Bnei Hasharon 18
Hey everyone!!!
tune in the 2nd game of the playoff series
(3) Maccabi Haifa vs (6) Bnei Hasharon...
FREE and live NOW at

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check out the latest video on Tamir Goodman and the Haifa Heat

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(1) Maccabi Tel Aviv 95 - (8) Eldan Ashkelon 93
2 seconds left in the game... Check the last play and see who won the game!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Final score of the game
Maccabi Haifa 66 - Bnei Hasharon 69
59 sec left in the game - Timeout Maccabi Haifa
Bnei Hasharon 66 - Maccabi haifa 65
Maccabi Haifa 17 TO - Bnei Hasharon 9 TO in the game
2:06 min left in the 4th quarter Maccabi Haifa 65 - Bnei Hasharon 63
End of the 3rd quarter
Maccabi Haifa 55 - Bnei Hasharon 54
3.50 min left in 3rd quarter - 10-0 run from Bnei Hasharon
Todd Golden (Maccabi Haifa) 3/3 3Pts - 100 % behind the 3pt line
7 min left in the 3rd quarter
Maccabi Haifa 44 - Bnei Hasharon 34
Top Scorers are the end of the first half
Maccabi Haifa --> Perkins 17, Golden 6, Mizrahi 5, Kozikaro 4, Jefferson 4
Bnei Hasharon --> Beltcher 11, Sisse 6, Tapiro 4, James 4, Katz 2
7 min left in the second quarter - Davon Jefferson has already 8 pts and 7 rebounds
Tune in and watch the Maccabi Haifa vs Bnei Hasaron first playoff series game
1st quarter ended Maccabi Haifa 20 - Bnei Hasharon 16
Can we keep the difference and lock in the win?
1st quarter update -
(3) Maccabi Haifa 17 - (6) Bnei Hasharon 11
1:40 min left in the 1st quarter
Tune in and watch the Maccabi Haifa vs Bnei Hasharon 1st game of the quarterfinals playoffs series
Did you see Davon Jefferson's dunk over Bnei Hasharon's player???? Huge dunk!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Who do you think will win? Who will be the 1st game's MVP?
Will Bnei Hasharon win the 3rd straight game against Maccabi Haifa this season??
Leave us comments and suggestions to what you think
This Sunday be ready to watch top of the notch quality basketball.
(3) Maccabi Haifa Heat vs (6) Bnei Hasharon - First best of 5 playoff series game
Watch if FREE and live at 12:40 ET

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BSL Playoff Preview: Mac TA, Hap J'lem lead the pack


After six long months and 22 regular season games for each team, the BSL playoffs finally get under way this weekend.

If last season's super-dramatic Final Four was any indication of what the BSL postseason might hold in store just 12 months later, this year's new eight-team playoff format promises to be a thrilling adventure from start to finish.

While Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Jerusalem are the clear favorites, holding the top two seeds, No. 3 Maccabi Haifa Heat finished just a game above Hapoel Holon, Hapoel Galil/Gilboa and Bnei Hasharon, all of whom have 13-9 records.

Here is a breakdown of all eight playoff teams.

Maccabi Tel Aviv

By Maccabi's standards, it was a less than stellar year, mainly because of its Euroleague performance and disciplinary issues.

On paper, however, Tel Aviv (19-3) is the BSL's top team and favored to win the Israeli league championship. Maccabi has seen its floor leader, Carlos Arroyo, become one of the top point guards in the league, with a 3.3 assist/turnover ratio while leading the team in points (15.5) and assists (6.2).

Tel Aviv coach Pini Gershon has the league's deepest team from top-to-bottom, with strength at every position. Maccabi has six players averaging double-figures this year, making the team an overwhelming threat for anyone looking to hold down the offense.

Aside from having six scoring threats, the yellow-and-blue hold the league's top field-goal (62%) and three-point (40%) percentages.

Although Maccabi is focused on avoiding a postseason similar to last year, it won't be easy with a deep talent pool throughout the league. Gershon and Co. struggled at the end of the season against Maccabi Haifa in a close loss on April 12.

Tel Aviv's most alarming loss came on December 14 against sixth-seeded Bnei Hasharon, which held Maccabi to 78 points.

Its first round opponent is Ironi Ashkelon, who it has beaten twice already and should cruise by once again, but the road after that is not guaranteed to be easy by any means.

Hapoel Jerusalem

Throughout most of the season, Hapoel has found ways to beat teams week in, week out.

It wasn't until Ironi Ramat Gan pulled off a stunning 16-point victory over Jerusalem that things went wrong.

Over the last two months, Hapoel (17-5) lost three of its last eight games. All three of its losses were by double-digits, with the latest coming April 6 in a 15-point loss to Ironi Nahariya.

Jerusalem will now get the chance to make up for its loss earlier this month in a first-round series against the team from the North.

Hapoel is strong in the backcourt with great shooting to compliment guard Timmy Bowers, who leads the team in scoring (16 ppg), along with point guards Yuval Naimi and Moran Rot splitting time.

Its biggest problems are up front, where it severely lacks size. Despite bringing in Torin Francis late in the season, Hapoel often finds itself short-handed down low.

Those issues have not yet affected coach Guy Goodes' team, which is still second in the league in rebounding (26.3). Given the past difficulties Hapoel has had with Nahariya, post presence will certainly be a concern in the first round.

The one comfort Jerusalem will have in the opening round is home-court advantage. Hapoel is undefeated at home, which should provide the team with plenty of confidence in the opening series against a team it has failed to beat with any consistency.

Maccabi Haifa Heat

The Heat has lived up to its preseason billing and, thanks to a change in
personnel and the acquisition of quality American talent, Haifa now finds itself as the third seed in the BSL tournament.

Forward Davon Jefferson just recently broke out, developing into the scorer that Maccabi expected when they signed him, raising his average to 16.1 points per game.

He has stepped up much more lately than in the past with more aggressiveness that has led to more shots and rebounds. In the win over Maccabi Tel Aviv, Jefferson put up 28 points and 11 rebounds just three weeks after totaling his season-high in points and rebounds against Ironi Kiryat Ata.

However, the team's hopes of advancing lie on the shoulders of Doron Perkins.

While Haifa's starting point guard was out a few weeks with an injury, the team's offense struggled to make up for his ability to run the offense as well as his leadership. The Heat hope to have both in this first-round series.

Hapoel Holon

As the defending champion with arguably the best backcourt in the league, this team knows what's required to win it all, especially after upsetting Tel Aviv in the Final Four last year.

Despite losing its last two games of the season, Holon as been one of the hottest teams in the BSL and a major threat to anyone it plays.

One of the contributing factors, Luis Flores, has made a serious run for Most Valuable Player by leading the league in scoring averaging 19.8 points per game.

Hapoel's other guard, and the team's No. 2 scorer, Deron Washington, has taken much of the load off Flores in order to create mismatches offensively.

Ever since defeating Jerusalem on March 16, Holon coach Dany Franko has seen his team struggle. It won the next two games against Nahariya and Kiryat Ata, but both by under five points.

Two weeks later, Holon went into Ashkelon and lost, 94-84, and ended the season on a sour note, losing at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

While Flores and Washington will carry much of the load, Hapoel will have to get help from some of the other veterans if it expects to make a run in the tournament.

Hapoel Galil/Gilboa

Oded Katash's team has quietly put together a team capable of upsetting Holon - or anyone else for that matter, thanks to a four-game winning streak to end the season.

Its speed has made up for what it has lacked in size, with Brian Roberts and Brian Randle taking on much of the scoring load.

Roberts is the seventh-best shooter (65.4%) in the BSL, which has allowed him to make a great impact without having to shoot much.

Galil has shown it can be competitive against anyone, but has struggled to beat some of the league's best teams. Its most impressive feat was beating Haifa twice this season. However, Gilboa will have to rely on good shooting in order to do well in the postseason.

Bnei Hasharon

Hasharon is perhaps the most inconsistent team in the playoff.

It is the only team in the BSL to defeat Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa this season. At the same time, though, it is one of two playoff teams (Ashkelon being the second) which has lost to Kiryat Ata and Maccabi Rishon Lezion.

Hasharon's biggest strength is its defense. Coach Ariel Beit Halachmi's team is fourth in the BSL for points allowed. The two biggest reasons for that are Shaun James and Ousmane Cisse.

James (2.2) and Cisse (2.0) ranked first and second in the league in blocked shots. Their presence down low has forced other teams to shoot jumpers with a little more regularity than they would like, and the improvement they have made to the front court defense has been invaluable.

The major weakness for the team is that it has lacked a primary scoring threat for much of the season. Recently acquired Ira Newble has eased the burden so far (15.6 points), but in order for Hasharon to advance, it is the defense that will have to step up.

Ironi Nahariya

This is a team that simply won't go away.

Despite having a record below .500, Nahariya has frustrated plenty of teams, and in some cases has even pulled out upset victories, as was the case when it downed Hapoel Jerusalem on April 6.

It took a big blow just prior to that game, when financial difficulties led management to get rid of point guard Raviv Limonad and power forward Aaron McGhee. Since then, other players have stepped up in their absence.

The biggest improvement of the season has come from Phillip Ricci. The talented forward has averaged 18 points in the last three games of the season and has become much more aggressive near the conclusion of the schedule.

Ricci will be expected to take much of the load off the team's leading scorer Ron Lewis, who has continued his dominance offensively in the absence of Limonad and McGhee. The shooting guard has scored over 20 points in six of his last seven games, spending much of his time out on the perimeter.

Lewis will be integral to Ironi's chances in its first-round matchup against Jerusalem, as he scored a season-high 29 points in their last meeting, capitalizing on 6-of-9 in field goals and 4-of-6 from the perimeter.

If he can duplicate the success he had the last time his team went against Jerusalem, Nahariya will make it difficult for Hapoel to close out the series.

Ironi Ashkelon

Ashkelon's late improvements went a long way in giving it the victories needed down the stretch to secure a playoff berth, but it's not likely to be hanging around for long.

Ironi is led by the league's best rebounder in Rashon Turner (15.5 points, 10.6 rebounds) but he is the only major force on the club. As a result, Ashkelon has had problems competing for most of the season.

The team from the South is the only playoff team to lose to all four teams in the relegation tournament. In fact, had it not been for its win on April 13 over Hapoel Holon, it would've failed to make the playoffs.

Ashkelon did the job necessary to prevent Ramat Gan from advancing, but it will have massive problems surviving in its series against Maccabi Tel Aviv with a severe lack of firepower.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goodman for passover

Tamir Goodman, the "Jewish Jordan" in the past and a religion soldier and aggressive marketing man of the green product in the present, is already counting the minutes to the Seder. In a special holiday interview he talks about the holiday's meaning, the situation of the team, the marketing and also about the chances to see him on the court. With God's help, of course

Written by: Tal Miller, Yediot Haifa


Strange, weird, impalpable. Any superlative that you will find will not be able to describe the wonderful story of Tamir Goodman.

Back in the previous century he was still leading "Talmudic High School" in Baltimore with over 35 ppg and about 15 assists, and was the last person we can remember that got an article in "Sport Illustrated" until Bar Refaeli's appearance.

The abysmal gap between that superstar which got the undying nickname "Jewish Jordan" and between the player that has less game time today than Tal Azulay might cause the viewers in the side to feel sorry for Goodman's sportive crash.

But the truth is that Goodman is the last one that needs to be sorry for. Despite the two minutes he has in all of Haifa's games this season together, Goodman is one of the busiest players in the team, if not the busiest. Alongside his for activity in all the practices, the man isn’t less than a thriving marketing machine that works day after day, hour after hour, using endless email lists and the dozens of summer camps he has in the US. All that for enhancing the prestige of the Heat across Uncle Sam's country and the rest of the Diaspora, in order to raise funds to the team and cause those people to operate in Israel and to give them a wide angle about what's going on here. So far Goodman gained amounts to the club that are estimated in about 100 thousand Shekels, without doubt the most efficient player in relation to his game time.

A night before the Passover Seder, which he will have with his family and Todd Golden in Haifa, we caught Goodman for a chat to absorb some holiday spirit and to hear about Passover meaning and its customs: "There are two special things that I like about Passover" tells Goodman in American Hebrew, while saying the words "Hakadosh Baruch Hu" (God almighty) and "Beezrat Hashem" (with God's help) once in 12-14 words. "The first is the Matzo issue. Bread symbolizes selfishness, and the Matzo symbolizes modesty, it's pure. In Passover we don’t only clean the leavened, but also our selfishness and ego so that we'll be better people and go in the path the God expects us to. The second this that I like is that God took us out of Egypt and brought to Israel, that is the best gift he gave us and we celebrate this gift".

I suppose it's pointless to ask if you read the Haggadah until the end

"Of course I do, it is our duty to remember the exodus, from slavery to freedom".

Which song in the Haggadah do you sympathize the most?

"My favourite one is Dayenu, because it's exactly like the song, God gave us so much good, and here we say to God: we thank you for all that you did, we appreciate it and all we want is to thank you again and again".

What is Tamir Goodman's Dayenu?

"I only try to get as close as I can to God, and only do the best I can for the world. I know what God expects from me on the court and off the court, he is the boss".

Explain this connection you have with Todd Golden

"I have a special connection with everybody, I love them all and I try to bring joy to all of them, to anyone I meet, but I do have something special with Jewish players that came from the US. I know how they feel, and I want to help them blend in here. God gave me the power to come and settle down here, and I want to see more players doing the same. That way they return to the US and tell good things about Israel and that’s the purpose".

It looks like you are the team's religion officer

"In Judaism it goes like this, every one has to use his skill to strengthen it. Anywhere I go I always try to be happy, act the way god wants me to, however in synagogue you will always see me acting the same way".

Any other player that would have sat on the bench for so long would have wanted to burn down the club. And you go and raise funds

"My pleasure is that through the skill that god gave me I try to keep in touch with people and strengthen the love for Israel. And so fat thank god it is working excellently. We had big success in the past year so far and all we think is about more people that we can bring the happiness of Judaism to them through basketball".

How did you get in this marketing field so strongly?

"I have been dealing with the marketing of the country for many years, but I always dreamed to not do it privately but combine it with basketball. Through Maccabi Haifa I managed to fulfil this dream. Jeff and I have the same vision, and when we met it was a real love at first sight, and I'm always in contact with them. I'm going to practice now and before that I'm meeting with a Jew that came here and has been sending emails to people around the world about the team. Anyone I can be in touch with about the team, I do it. So far, through my summer camps and the media and other factors, I have reached over 25,000 Jews.

What do you think about the team's situation now?

"Right now the spirit is back in the team, everyone is smiling, we are doing well and I believe that if we keep this unity we can reach our goals with god's help".

Do you also pray for the team to win the championship?

"I don’t ask god for specific things. I practice every day the best way I can, work hard, pray hard, and I am sure he will take us where we need to go. I could have never believed that my life will be the way it is. The injuries, the US, travelling back and forth. I know that there are good things in everything, and our power is that the Jew can always deal with the reality and move on".

Do you pray for some game time?

"I'm happy to go up and play when I have the chance. I work hard to be ready when they call me and I know that I will do anything to contribute in every minute I get".

Will you be looking for the Aficoman on the Seder night?

"No, but my daughter is waiting for it with god's help, talks about it, and my goal is to convince her to get some sleep before the Seder".

And yet, despite that you won't be looking for it, what Aficoman can we wish for Tamir Goodman?

"Only to continue and get closer to god and to keep feeling great with the family, the kids and everything. If I'm close to him, I don’t need anything else".

A triple interview : Kozikaro, Mizrahi and Avi Ashkenazi tell about the amazing feeling of beating Maccabi Tel Aviv

Written by: Or Ritter,


Maccabi Haifa got a big win yesterday (Sunday) a big win on Maccabi Tel Aviv that despite being both sweet and historic, also has big importance after the greens guaranteed the 3rd place almost finally, and the home advantage in the playoffs.

Or Ritter heard Ido Kozikaro, Moshe Mizrahi and the coach Avi Ashkenazi tell about the amazing experience last night, about the crowd that filled Romema and created an electrifying atmosphere, and of course about the upcoming playoff. A triple green interview, one day after one of Maccabi Haifa's biggest wins in the last years and ever.

Ido Kozikaro, what was it like to wake up in the morning after this huge win?

"(Laughs…) the truth is that didn’t really wake up in the morning, I didn’t sleep all night, and I was with my son. It was really amazing; it was fun to win and to see Romema full. We can only pray that it'll keep being like this, not only against Maccabi Tel Aviv".

It seemed that you were simply much more determined than they were

"Look, we knew it was a very important game for towards the playoff. We wanted to ensure the home advantage and I'm happy we lived up to that. We played outstandingly against one of the best teams in Europe, we played correctly and that’s what brought us the win".

As the captain, it seems that there is a perfect connection between you and the fans. How did that happen so fast?

"First of all I have to say that it's a big compliment for me. I think I'm a player that the crowd usually loves and appreciates. I always try to do my best, it doesn’t always work but I always try. I also know to appreciate the crowd and its support, especially in games like yesterday or like in the cup. Maccabi Haifa's crowd is the best in the country and all it needs is to prove it. Yesterday they did it, and we returned the favor, big time".

When you finished the game with five fouls, were you afraid you were going to lose the game?

"Not at all, actually during the game Avi Ashkenazi told me to sacrifice fouls and to send them to the line and that’s what I did. I tried to use my fouls wisely, I trusted all the guys to do the job right and that’s what happened".

The eyes on the playoff, Bnei Hasharon or Galil awaits you, not a simple task

"They are both very good teams, dangerous teams that already beat us this season. The entire league is very balanced; you always have to come focused in order to win. I really hope that we'll do it and make it to the final four, and see those 5000 green fans in the stance, and maybe this time we'll go one step further than last time".

Moshe Mizrahi, Ido says that he hadn’t slept all night. What was it like to get up in the morning after yesterday?

"Waking up in the morning? (laughs…). As usual, I drank my morning coffee; I took the dog out… same routine. I read the newspaper, saw the pictures from last night. The feelings are very good, I am very happy about the win for the fans, for all the people in the system, but eventually we have to stay in proportions, after all it's still only a league game. We are already looking forward to the playoff".

After beating Maccabi Tel Aviv, can you finally be named the 'Holon of last season'?

"I don’t think you can compare us, Holon won the championship last season and we are still far from it. The story might be similar, but the teams are completely different. We want to be Maccabi Haifa and not Hapoel Holon".

A word about the audience – there was an amazing atmosphere last night

"The crowd was really an experience, unbelievable. We were shocked, they didn’t stio singing and cheering for a moment. That shows you that if you want something enough, you can do it. The crowd was our 6th player last night, and I hope that these sorts of numbers will show up not only when Maccabi Tel Aviv arrives to Romema".

So yesterday you beat Maccabi Tel Aviv, and you've beaten Jerusalem in the cup, can you win the championship?

"First of all we have to make it to the final four. We have a difficult series waiting for us in the playoff. I personally don’t have a preference between Bnai Hasharon and Galil. They are both very difficult teams that already beat us this season".

Coach Avi Ashkenazi, what are the feelings after the win and the celebrations yesterday?

"Last night was amazing. It was an experience of once in a few years. The arena was packed, the audience pushed the team in the best way possible. The atmosphere was electrifying and added a lot to this excellent achievement".

It seemed that you were simply much more determined than they were, first to every ball. How do you explain that?

"I think that we are in an improvement period since the changes we've made. There is a positive spirit in the team, commitment by everybody, and there is also determination, and then you see beautiful basketball".

Without ruining the joy, or god forbid underestimate the achievement, do you think that if the game was a little more important to Maccabi Tel Aviv it would have ended the same way?

"Statistically, Maccabi Tel Aviv lost 3 times this season out of 21 games, so you can do the math alone if last night's achievement is amazing or not. I think we don’t have to deal with the others, what's important to them or not important, but focus on what's important for us. It was really a very big experience, the atmosphere reminded me the week with the semi final and final of the cup".

Devon Jefferson simply exploded yesterday

"No doubt about it, Devon exploded yesterday, but he wasn’t the only one that played well. Malik was excellent too in the second half, Moshe Mizrahi did an amazing job on defense, Ido Kozikaro and Doron Perkins were also amazing. Everyone did a great job and they all have a part in this win".

Towards the playoff, if you'll finish in 3rd place, which one do you prefer to get, Bnei Hasharon or Galil?

"I don’t think I have a preference. Anyone that we get will be a good team. The important thing is that we'll play our basketball. I'd like to use this opportunity and call the fans to show up in the playoff series too, that is not less important than yesterday's game. It is very important to us".

Monday, April 20, 2009

It was a tough loss for the Haifa Heat this weekend against Bnei Hasharon. Perhaps this loss will keep the HEAT level headed and hungry for wins going into the playoffs...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Maccabi Haifa Heat shocked the world beating Maccabi Tel Aviv!!!!
Maccabi Haifa is up by 3 points over Maccabi Tel Aviv with 2 minutes left in the games...
Haifa Heat are beating Maccabi Tel Aviv after 3 how the game will end at
Haifa regains the lead in the 3rd quarter...Watch the game live at
Maccabi Tel Aviv 45: Maccabi Haifa Heat 40 at the rest of the game at
Maccabi Haifa Heat is down 4 points with 3:30 left in the 2nd quarter
1st Quarter Score Update: Maccabi Haifa 24, Maccabi Tel Aviv it LIVE on
Davon Jefferson has scored 15 points in the first him at
Maccabi Haifa Heat vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv: "The Thrilla in Romema (Haifa)" watch it live in 10 minutes at

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Haifa Heat ; "The match heard around the world". Who's Going to Win?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ironi Ashkelon – Maccabi Haifa 84:77

taken from :

Haifa scored 12 points without any on Ashkelon's side, and rose to 4:14, with Davon Jefferson wowing the crowd with a 360 degrees dunk.
Doron Perkins sealed with a great first quarter with 14 points, 5 assists and 3 steals, with the Greens leading with 23:33.
Three pointers by Amit Tamir and C.J. Bruton brought Ashkelon back to 37:35.
Avi Ben Chimol completed this dramatic change, bringing Ashkelon to halftime with a 45:48 lead.

The tight game went on all the way to the end, with the third quarter sealed with a minimal 65:66 to the Greens.
Haifa reached the last 2 minutes with a small lead, with 74:76, with Perkins and Gur Porat managing to leave the win on Haifa's side.
Ashkelon missed suicide shots and enabled its opponent to increase its lead and win at 77:84.

For Ashkelon: Turner 18 (8 rebounds), Bruton 16, Ben Chimol 9, Tamir 8, Eitan 7, Kelley 6, Grant 5, Truscott 4, Jeron Roberts and Shahar Cohen 2 points each.

For Haifa: Perkins 27 (7 rebounds, 7 assists), Jefferson 19, Kozikaro 10, Dickson 9, Porat 6, Sales 5, Moshe Mizrahi and Golden 3 points each, Ben David 2.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Davon Jefferson 360 Jam

Check out how high Davon Jefferson of the Maccabi Haifa Heat can jump!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Maccabi Haifa Heat win 84-77! Watch the replay on demand on
The game is very close in the 4th quarter...The Haifa Heat are up by 3 points, watch the game Live on
The game is very close in the 4th quarter...The Haifa Heat are up by 4, watch the game Live on http:://
Macabi Haifa Heat fans, the Heat are losing by 2 points 48-46 at half time. Tune in now to find out how the Maccabi Haifa will step it up on
Watch now the Maccabi Haifa vs Eldan Ashkelon game for free at
Score Update: Close Game, Haifa Heat are winning 37-35 in the 2nd quarter.... tune in LIVE on
Come on Haifa!!! Keep it up!! Ashkelon came back from a 25-35 to a 35-37 with 6 min left in the 2nd Qtr
Nasty 360 dunk from Davon Jefferson!!!
Hey Haifa Heat Fans, game is underway! Watch live at

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Maccabi Haifa basketball team's line up

We present everyone, the MACCABI HAIFA BASKETBALL TEAM line up!!!!!

Malik Dixon had a tremendous game with 22 pts vs Givat Shmuel

BSL Notebook: The power of Perkins

Over the past two weeks, Doron Perkins has proven that not even a little rust from an injury can prevent him from taking over a game for the Maccabi Haifa Heat.

The point guard finished with seven points and eight assists in his first game back during Haifa's rout over Ironi Kiryat Ata last week and in the very next game, against Givat Shmuel on Sunday, he tacked on 20 points with six assists.

Maccabi coach Avi Ashkenazi has seen a major addition to Perkins's‚ play that has played a large part in the team's two-game winning streak. Haifa's scoring leader has become one of the league's top defensive forces since returning to the Heat.

During the game against Givat Shmuel, Perkins gathered four steals - as many as his previous three games combined - before getting a season high of seven in Sunday's win.

Perkins's ability to play on both ends of the floor allowed Haifa to hold Givat Shmuel to 69 points. The last time Maccabi (12-7) held a team below 70 points was February 7 in its 75-68 win over Maccabi Rishon Lezion.

The improved defense could not have come at a better time. Its next two opponents will be against teams in the top half of the BSL in scoring (Maccabi Tel Aviv and Ironi Ashkelon).

Perkins's defense has put Haifa back in third place, but he will need to continue his efforts to help Maccabi clinch home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

Better late than never

Until this week, Ironi Ashkelon's chances of making the postseason looked improbable. But, with its additions of C.J. Bruton and Tyrone Grant, it has found itself one game behind playoff contention and is currently on a two-game winning streak.

Although both players are coming off the bench, they both understand what it takes to win.

Bruton has long been considered one of the best players in the Australian Basketball League with three championships while Grant has competed with some of Italy's top teams.

Neither have impressive stats on paper, but their experience and intangibles helped change Ashkelon's fate. Bruton's understanding of the game has allowed him to create scoring opportunities for his teammates while Grant has given the team more strength inside.

Their presence has allowed Rahshon Turner to get more open looks at the basket, with the newcomers‚ ability to draw the defense away.

In the last two games, Turner has shot 72 percent. The last time Ashkelon‚s leading scorer has shot over 70% in a two-game stretch was in week six. That time, his hot hand couldn't avoid his team from continuing its slump as it stumbled to a 2-4 record.

Ironi (7-12) will finish the season with three straight home games against teams with winning records and cannot yet relax despite playing in the friendly confines of its home crowd.

March madness

After losing its fifth straight game to Maccabi Haifa, Givat Shmuel is one team that would like to forget about this past month.

Givat (7-12) has been competitive in many of its losses with a point margin below 15 in every game except for Bnei Hasharon, which won by 21 points.

Its main problem is the first quarter. The only time Shmuel coach Oren Aharoni has seen his team put up at least 20 points in the opening period was in its one-point loss to Ironi Ramat Gan.

Every other time can be attributed to a slow start that the team struggles to overcome. It has averaged 16.8 points in the first quarter throughout its drought.

At the end of February, Givat Shmuel sat at 7-7. It is currently in the league's bottom four, but only one game behind Ramat Gan and Ironi Nahariya.

Its schedule certainly isn‚t doing the team any favors.Givat will be playing top-five teams through the end of the season. That makes getting off to a quick start even more important since all three of its opponents are capable of taking Aharoni's team right out of the game if the deficit gets too large.

Local Hoops: Jerusalem comes back to defeat Galil/Gilboa 81-74 at Malha

Hapoel Jerusalem maintained its perfect home league record on Sunday, overcoming a stern test from Hapoel Galil/Gilboa.

Galil led by six points with less than three minutes to play, but Hapoel ended the encounter with a 13-0 run to win 81-74 and improve to 9-0 at Malha in the BSL this season.

Timmy Bowers made the difference in the closing stages, scoring nine of his side's final 13 points, ending the game with 23 points.

"Down the stretch we just wanted to show our heart and character," Bowers said. "It was tough. Galil played great today and made a lot of shots. This was a very important win."

Roger Powell added 16 points and seven rebounds for Jerusalem, which with just four more games remaining to play in the regular season is now very close to clinching second position in the standings.

Isaiah Swann led five Galil players in double-figures, scoring 14 points.

"Jerusalem made some big plays in the crucial minutes and Bowers hit shots only he is capable of in Israel," said Galil coach Oded Katash, who was infuriated with the referees at the end of the game after seeing a call go against his team in the final minute.

It was a difficult evening for the hosts, who scored the first points of the night, but then struggled on offense for the remainder of the first half, allowing the visitors to dictate the play.

Galil led 16-15 after the first period and an 11-1 run in the second quarter, capped by a Swann three-pointer, opened a 37-29 margin.

The hosts closed to within four points by the break (37-33) and opened a 47-43 advantage after a good start to the second half.

Two straight Dagan Yavzuri threes gave Galil a 57-55 advantage with 10 minutes to play, and Katash's team seemed to be well placed with less than three minutes to go, leading 74-68.

However, the final minutes belonged to the hosts and especially Bowers, who almost single handedly turned the game on its head.

Meanwhile, in Nahariya, a Luis Flores basket with 2.5 seconds remaining gave Hapoel Holon its fourth straight victory, 76-74 over Ironi Nahariya.

Flores scored 25 points for Holon, with Ron Lewis scoring 23 points for the losers.

Also Sunday, Maccabi Haifa snapped its three game losing streak, defeating Ironi Kiryat Ata 92-75 in Romema.

After losing its last two games by a combined 41 points, Haifa was desperate to return to winning ways, but didn't have it all its own way against Kiryat Ata.

The BSL's rock-bottom team remained in touch with Haifa for the first 26 minutes of the game, only for the hosts to go on a 15-4 run in the final four minutes of the third period to clinch the win.

Davon Jefferson was superb for Haifa, scoring 31 points and taking 15 rebounds. Doron Perkins scored seven points and passed eight assists on his return from injury, with Moshe Mizrahi and Ido Kozikaro each adding 16 points.

Haminn Quaintance scored 17 points for Kiryat Ata, which is running out of time in its battle against relegation.

Bnei Hasharon suffered a surprise 81-76 defeat at Ironi Ashkelon on Sunday, despite an excellent debut from new signing Ira Newble.

Newble led his team with 17 points, but Rashon Turner scored 17 points and grabbed 17 rebounds to help his team to a crucial victory.

Also Sunday, Ironi Ramat Gan claimed its fifth win in six games, beating Maccabi Givat Shmuel 90-89 after overtime behind Anthony Myles' 26 points.

On Monday, Maccabi Tel Aviv visits Maccabi Rishon Lezion.

Doron Perkins off the backboard alley oop pass for the dunk of Jefferson (March, 29th 2009)

Doron Perkins dribbles the ball towards the basket to throw it up against the backboard thn for Jeffersion who throws it down. Give him some props.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Israeli Premier League Highlights - Week in Review 18 3/22/09

WWWOOOOWWW !!! Watch Doron Perkin's excellent No-Look Pass to Davon Jefferson!!! That is how you finish a great counterattack!!!
Doron Perkins dribbles the ball towards the basket to throw it up against the backboard thn for Jeffersion who throws it down. Give him some props.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doron Perkins great performance in his second game back from the injury. 20 Pts,7 Stls, 6 Ass, 5 Rb

Monday, March 30, 2009

Test your team knowledge...
What is the secret to winning a basketball game?
WARNING: may cause draw dropping, head spinning, and speechless reactions.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a finish! Haifa wins how Davon Jefferson slammed it home!!! Find out how it ended
Score Update: Haifa 66, Givat 63 with 5:20 seconds left in the game
Haifa is down 3 points after three your support by tuning in LIVE via to step it up!
Very close game at halftime...Maccabi Haifa Heat 46, Givat Shmuel 45... Find out what will happen next!
Malik Dixon is on fire for the Haifa Heat.
Maccabi Haifa Heat are winning after the first quarter...tune in LIVE to find out by how much!
Game Time is 12:40 PM ET....Watch Maccabi Haifa battle Givat Shmuel...tune in LIVE at

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maccabi Haifa Heat 86-Elittsur Kiryat Ata 76 (12/7/2008)

Monday, December 8, 2008

The smaller team from Kiryat Ata opened the game excellently led by Dante Milligan. There seemed that there was going to be an upset, but Avi Ashkenazi's team came out in the second half with an excellent half from Doron Perkins. By the third quarter, the Maccabi Haifa Heat left Kiryat Ata behind, on their way to win an 86-76 victory.
First Quarter: Kiryat Ata – Maccabi Haifa 17:21
Haifa started the game complacent, which was fully exploited by Kiryat Ata that catapulted them to a 10 point lead, 19-9, by the 7th minute. With one minute to the end of the first quarter, Haifa, led by Amit Ben David, narrowed the score down to 19-15, but Berkowitz's field goal at the buzzer put the score at 21-15 to Kiryat Ata.
Second Quarter: Kiryat Ata – Maccabi Haifa 36:36
At the 15th minute, Kiryat Ata was still securely leading, when Milligan Dante increased the lead to 33-26. Haifa then took control, led again by Amit Ben David. It was Devon Jefferson, who narrowed Kiryat Ata's lead to 33-32 by the 18th minute. A minute to the end of the first half, Gur Porat gave Haifa their first lead, 34-33, and by halftime, the score was tied at 36:36.
Third Quarter: Kiryat Ata – Maccabi Haifa 63:51
The third quarter was played excellently by Maccabi Haifa, led by Jefferson and the cheering of the crowd in the Nesher Hall, caused Haifa to start its engines. By the 28th minute, Doron Perkins raised the score to 60-57 with a dunk, and by the end of the quarter, Haifa raised the lead by 12 points. Haifa led 63:51 at the end of the quarter.
Fourth Quarter: Kiryat Ata – Maccabi Haifa 86:76
Maccabi Haifa continued dominating the second half. At the 32nd minute, Moshe Mizrahi who scored 14 points, scored a basket and was fouled to make the score 69-55. Five minutes later, Mizrahi hit a three pointer to make the score 78-64. Kiryat Ata tried to narrow down Haifa 's lead, but all it could do was finish the game 10 points behind. 86-76 to Haifa.
Kiryat Ata: Burns 21, Dante 20, McKnight 15
Maccabi Haifa: Perkins 20, Mizrahy 16, Jefferson 15.